Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The majority of this episode, number 6, (can you believe that I made it all the way to number 6!?!) is primarily focused on the motivations behind writing... Why would anyone really bother to write???

If you want to know the whole story (as opposed to the Hole Story: A Biography of Courtney Love) you'll need to read the book. Send me an email and I'll send you a copy (as long as I have copies left.)


But, I am going to break protocol and print just a bit of the text from page 7:"What would be REALLY fun is if someone else made an issue of Phantom Conversation and sent it to ME... (It's pretty goddam easy, just cut up a daily newspaper, write a page or two of rambling nonsense, make 30 copies and mail them to unsuspecting victims...) And then I could have a laugh, make fun of what that person wrote in my next issue and send that out into the void... Sounds like fun, doesn't it..."

Yeah, that would be a hoot! Any takers???


Blogger kiyotei said...

Thanks for the issue.
Very nice reading.
I love zines.

take care

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